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5 Things 'Dr. Miami' Says He Wishes Patients Knew About Plastic Surgery

Texting and riding is a no, no—but plastic surgical operation and Snapchat? The latter is a must for Dr. Miami. The celeb plastic general practitioner Michael Salzhauer, M.D., has a nickname, and television show that allude to his South Florida house, however that’s not the whole tale. Board-certified Salzhauer is thought for sharing his operations and outrageous character on social media.

The doc’s sufferers, a.okay.a. “beauty warriors,” request all styles of tactics: tummy tucks, breast augmentations, nostril jobs, and extra. those OR happenings (and others) are documented and disbursed to the hundreds in an immediate. After gaining popularity for his alternative advertising ploys, Salzhauer, also known as the “the booty whisperer,” landed a WETV show. Now, the social media detrimental, and people who aren’t getting enough of his antics through cellphone apps, can watch him at the small screen, too. while we candidly talked to the surgeon approximately patients and being a perfectionist, it was no wonder Dr. Miami had #nofilter.

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 Plastic surgical procedure isn't a quick restoration for obesity
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“Plastic surgical operation will no longer make you skinny. I tell human beings that all the time," Salzhauer says. "humans are available in, and if their BMI [body mass index] is above 30 or 32, I won't perform on them." frame mass index is a measure of someone's body fat primarily based on their peak and weight. A BMI of 30 would imply an man or woman is obese, possibly obese (relying on peak). someone with a BMI of 32 is categorized as overweight. "In my workplace, there’s a scale, and that i calculate their BMI. If it’s too excessive, I say come returned whilst your BMI is decrease." (speed up your progress towards your weight loss dreams with women's health's look better bare DVD.)

 exercise will not fix stretch marks and sagging pores and skin
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“After childbirth, or a lot of weight reduction, while your pores and skin is stretched out, and now there are stretch marks, there’s no workout which can take away that," says Salzhauer. "There’s not anything that makes skin tighter. The only solution is to reduce out the skin that’s free and pull the pores and skin above it all the way down to make it tight with a tummy tuck.”

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 Plastic surgeons are perfectionists who recognize nothing is perfect
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“We see info and things that most people don’t see, partly due to the fact we have a look at naked people all day long," says Salzhauer, who sees 12 to 15 sufferers, 5 days a week. "we've a broad spectrum of what’s everyday or what’s ‘ideal.’ We notice small asymmetries. We recognise from the get-cross that not anything is best, however, we try as fine we are able to to make certain patients recognise that in advance. so long as the physician explains to the affected person what's viable and what isn’t—and makes positive the patient has practical expectations—the affected person finally ends up glad.”

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 Plastic surgeons grow to be being stand-in therapists
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“It’s part of the task. There’s sincerely a holistic component of plastic surgical treatment. no person wakes up one morning and is like, ‘I want to change my nostril, I need to trade my breasts.’ There’s clearly some heavy, psychological luggage that goes at the side of the decision to make on surgical operation. I try, on my first smartphone call with a affected person, to get to the lowest of a number of the ones issues," he says, acknowledging that every so often he will ship a potential patient to a psychologist to come back to phrases with what they really need the surgery for. "The cause to recognize the reason is to make certain you don’t perform on the wrong affected person. If there’s a patient who’s doing this because she wants to win lower back her ex, or for revenge—we want to make sure we [don't operate] due to the fact that’s no longer the right reason to have plastic surgical treatment.”

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 We understand your insecurities
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“I’ve had plastic surgical procedure myself, so I recognise what it’s want to no longer like part of your body. I’ve had my nose and my chin carried out. I had self-image problems and self-self belief problems considering the fact that childhood. I recognise what it’s like to have those emotions and to conquer the ones feelings thru plastic surgical procedure."

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